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Alan Green’s talent as a songwriter comes through in his eloquent and catchy lyrics that bring obvious witty meaning with nuances a true story teller can appreciate.  Alan’s original songwriting style has also been profoundly influenced by some of the Greats:  John Denver, The Beetles,The Eagles, and Lyle Lovett to name a few.

In fact, during the early 1990’s, Alan would go on frequent ski trips to Colorado and spend time performing his music on the quaint street corners of Aspen.  People would come up to him and ask for his autograph because he not only looked a lot like John Denver, but he sounded like him as well.  There could have been no greater compliment then to have his talent be mistaken for this musical legend!

Alan bought his first guitar at 16 and has been writing songs for over 35 years.  He is a born and bred Texan who has called Kansas his home for the last 25 years.  His mid-western musical roots are definitely country influenced, but over the years his original songs have blended into more of an Americana sound, infusing musical genres of Country, Rock, Folk, and Blues to his unique style.

For the past couple of decades Alan has kept his music close to his heart with his songwriting and performing mostly in his free time.  He has always devoted his energies to home/family life and his unique profession of building wild and fun amusement rides; which is never a dull moment! 

With the recent release of his original album Coming Back To Me, Alan hopes his songs move you to live out your dreams and laugh often and to take the road less traveled to see where you end up!

This is just the beginning ... more still to come!  Enjoy!

Coming Back To Me

Alan Green: Coming Back to Me

Alan Green

Enjoy the Ride!

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